This article describe IBM’s repositioning in response to the crisis it faced in early 1990’s. IBM did not just survive, but repositioned itself to lead the industry. To preview the reading material click here.

Editors comments:

The financial crisis provides a sobering reminder of what happens when innovation fails to drive productive economic growth. This paper argues that innovation is not a side business to a real business: rather, innovation is the foundation of a successful business.

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, professionals should:

  1. Understand the importance of innovation in any business.
  2. Understand that entrepreneurs can be found and a culture of entrepreneurship can be developed in companies of any size and age.
  3. Understand that entrepreneurial leaders must relentlessly - but not recklessly - pursue opportunity.
  4. Understand how emerging opportunities could be nurtured to obtain high growth.
Expiry Date
: 31/08/2014
CPD Units
: 1.00 Hour
: 3/4

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